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Welcome to W-C Trucking, LLC!
Faith, Trust and Confidence, It's not just a Load!
W-C Trucking, LLC, a new name company to your eyes and ears, but the company staff has been in the business 15+ years. We are locally owned and based in Columbia, SC.
We specialize in Flatbed, Step deck and Reefer Unit Loads.

W-C Trucking was started by a Military Transportation Veteran who served in the Army for 21 years, and is a Retired Company 1SG/E-8. With his vision for superior service and long-term partnerships with his clients, The company began operations in Columbia, and is growing rapidly, providing expedited transit services on critical interplant and "dedicated" truckload moves for companies across the United States and beyond.

Although W-C Trucking, LLC is more geared to service Truck Loads (TL) between the Southeast, Northeast, and parts of the Midwest, we can provide service to the West Coast with a simple snap of the finger.
W-C Trucking, LLC should be your First to Call Trucking Company.

Our Motto is "We Carry Faith, Trust, and Confidence, It's Not Just a Load!"
Contact Us to move your next load or call us at 803-466-2623.

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